Marina Sundström

I've been doing programming since 2007. Ever since, in my career and in my free time, I've been learning a lot about software engineering and all the different aspects involved in building software, not just the technical but also the organizational side.

I've mainly worked with C#/.NET, but also Web development using JavaScript and frameworks like React.

I'm a positive person who is enthusiastic about life and experiencing the world. I enjoy meeting new people everywhere. I'm easy-going, thoughtful, and reflecting on whatever crosses my mind. I'm goal-oriented but also find the journey exciting. I like to get into the details to get that deeper understanding of the subject at hand. You could say that I'm a geek.

I thrive in an environment in which there is commitment and motivation to the task at hand, as well as openness to new ideas and perspectives. I do believe that it is important for everyone to feel included and to be heard.

My career kicked off in 2014, when I was brought on a project building an app for emergency response services. That later landed me a position as System developer. Since then I've worked both as a full-time employee and as a consultant for various companies in industries such as medical equipment, physical security, food processing, and housing.

My competence lies mainly in development on the .NET platform - from building desktop apps and developing services as part of bigger systems. I've also been doing Web development in a number of projects that used JavaScript/TypeScript and React. Besides that, I've also used and explored a number of other technologies. I'm eager to learn new things

I like spending time working on my own projects, from which I learn a lot about the ins and outs of building software, concerning both the technical side and User Experience (UX). I enjoy working from use cases and researching the domains. Thinking about how I could improve something. As a creative person, I find the activity itself stimulating and fun.

I'm also active in the software development community on the Internet, where I participate in the discussions, and share knowledge with others.

What else about me...

I'm a picky coffee lover who likes to grind their own beans.

I enjoy walks in beautiful nature, whether I've someone's company or I'm alone. When I'm on my own it is the time for me to reflect, to clear and focus my mind and energy.

Since way back, I enjoy listening to foreign music, learning the languages and cultures. I also travel when I get the opportunity. My main interest has been the Spanish, Italian, and Hindi/Urdu cultural spheres. I easily pick up the basics of languages. So when I meet native-speakers they often get surprised about how much I know about their cultures.

Now and then, I go out in the country-side to spend some time with my family. I've two wonderful nieces, and a nephew whom I all love so much.

I like to explore the art of cooking. On the menu there are flavors from Italy, a bit of the Creole cuisine, and Asia - like Korean barbecue. I get a lot of my inspiration from various channels on YouTube. With each time I perfect my skills with some intuition. There is always new flavors to try out, and combinations to learn from.

I also got into making cocktails from being inspired by videos. Since then I've made and enjoyed a number of sour cocktails and other kinds of drinks - also making them for others.

My favorite dish is Creole Jambalaya - a spicy tomato-based rice dish with chicken, sausage, and Creole spices. For drink, I would serve a Margarita. I enjoy it with two slices of Jalapeño which give it a spicy edge. Now and then, I also enjoy a classic "Old Fashioned".

Marina Sundström

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